I started the flute at the early age of 6 which gives me 50+ years of experience that I bring to my flute studio. I have gathered tools from a lifetime of my own classical music training, symphonic and solo performance. That said, I have found that the more I teach, the more I learn. I love interacting within the student/teacher relationship in order for both of us to achieve a constant state of improvement. My goal for my students is to bring out and enhance their innate talent and individuality. It is my greatest joy to witness a student’s rise in confidence as he/she completes each year of study. I bring to the table a clean slate which each student fills in with each stage of development. Pedagogy, attention to detail in tone, technique, and musicality are foremost as we navigate the style of each student within the context of form. Performance, recitals and competitions give my students emotional muscle in the steps to excellence. It is my hope that all students who come through my door leave with a greater sense of who they are and that what is achieved can be useful in all of life’s endeavors. I invite students of all ages, school age and adult, to be a part of my studio and I guarantee that playing the flute will be life changing for one and all.


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